These services seek to develop and boost capabilities of children with disabilities, to help them in overcoming negative effects of disability and to become independent, productive and adaptive to their environment.

Aims of Rehabilitation Process:

  • Opening up learning opportunities for children with disabilities and helping them to acquire appropriate knowledge that suits the type of their disability.
  • Empowering children with disabilities to become included in society, boosting their self confidence and improving the way they are looked upon by others.
  • Increasing their employment opportunities.
  • Providing all necessary means and areas for their growth and development, such as cultural and recreational, through various appropriate activities in the fields of sport, culture, arts and information.
  • Achieving equality for children with disabilities with their non-disabled peers in all areas.
  • Securing children with disabilities against disability, old age and unemployment.
  • Providing employment opportunities in various sectors of economic and social activities in congruence with the inclinations and capabilities of each person.